Frequently Asked Questions

Price:$5 (includes shipping to the USA)

Will these cd-rom's play on my television? Yes

Will they play on a Mac computer? Yes. Use the VideoLAN player available for download free to Mac users.

Do these DVD's have labels? No. We're trying to keep the cost as low as possible. (To buy the equipment and print labels on the dvd's would double their cost. We use 'ghetto packaging and labeling'.)

Are jewel cases included? No. We're trying to keep the cost as low as possible. Surely you have a couple of old jewel cases laying around?

What do I need to play the DVD's? A regular DVD player.

What is the quality of the episodes? The episodes are fair quality due to the source tape.

Are the episodes complete? Some are complete. Some are missing up to half of the show. Some have Time Code visible on the screen. (Note: All episodes are in the 30 minute format except the pilot episode.)

Are the original commercials included with the episodes? No.

Are you affiliated with the show? No

Do you have authority to sell these? These discs are offered on a collector-to-collector basis. No rights given or implied. We provide these to collectors who wish to research the show.

You call yourself barthy, are you the Barth from the show? No I am not the Barth from the show, that is just my online persona. (Even though I'm a lot like Barth and have been mistaken for him many times.)

Do you know any of the cast members? I met many of the cast and crew at the SlimeCon 2002 Convention, including: Geoffrey Darby, Les Lye, Jim Clarke and many other cast and crew members.

Do you have episodes available for download? Yes, the episodes are available for download at:

Are you in the television industry? Yes

Do you have VHS tapes? No, sorry.


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