Biscuit Eater (1940)
Starring Billy Lee

Billy Lee (super charismatic child actor) plays Lonnie, the son of a southern bird-dog trainer. Lonnie adopts a dog named Promise, who turns out to be a "biscuit eater" -- a dog that refuses to hunt for anything but its own food. Ordered by his father to get the dog off his property, Lonnie and his friend Text (played by Cordell Hickman) secretly train Promise, hoping to enter the pooch in the annual field trials to show the world that Promise is not a "biscuit eater". This pre-WW2 version of James Street's The Biscuit Eater is a genuinely moving experience. It takes you really back into the era of when the story is taking place and you go there with the boys and their dog. This movie should really be one of the all time great CLASSIC movies. We dare you to watch it with dry eyes!

The first sound movie to be filmed entirely on location, as well as the first sound movie to be filmed in the state of Georgia, USA.

Good family entertainment!

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Video Clip 1 (7.8 MB) Lonnie meets Mr. Ames. Mr. Ames promises to give Lonnie a puppy
Video Clip 2 (11.9 MB) Lonnie catches Promise breaking into the chicken coop stealing eggs
Video Clip 3 (25.2 MB) Lonnie and Text go out to the swamp where old man Echo lives to try and get Promise back

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"Biscuit Eater" (1940)
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