The Cat (1966)
Starring Dwayne Redlin

Dwayne Redlin plays Toby in this wonderful 1960's style film. Set in the mountains of southern California, the film is filled with breath-taking views and vistas. Fantastic musical score by Stan Worth that is classic to the 60's era. There's not a whole lot of dialog but there are plenty of wilderness and wildlife scenes. Filmed in Pathécolor for vivid colors and stunning detail.

Plot Summary:
On a family trip to visit his uncle Pete's ranch in southern California, Toby sees a mountain lion right outside their cabin. His parents don't believe him. Armed with only a water gun and his backpack, he sets out to find the lion and prove to them he wasn't lying. The mountain lion is actually a tame pet that belongs to one of his uncle's ranch hands (played by George 'Shug' Fisher). The mountain lion has escaped from his pen and is on the loose. While exploring Toby gets lost. He witnesses a cattle rustler kill a deputy. Now the cattle rustler is hunting him to kill him. Toby evades the cattle rustler and locates the mountain lion which turns out to be a big loveable cat.

Good family entertainment!

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Video Clip 2 (12.0 MB) Toby encounters dangers in the wilderness
Video Clip 3 (18.2 MB) Toby finds the mountain lion
Video Clip 4 (12.3 MB) Toby and the mountain lion become friends
Video Clip 5 (6.8 MB) Toby's dad believes him

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"The Cat" (1966)
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