Fury (TV-Series 1955-1960)
Starring Bobby Diamond

Bobby Diamond stars as Joey Newton in this classic television series from the late 1950's.

This is the range country where the pounding hooves of untamed horses still thunder in mountains, meadows and canyons. Every herd has its own leader, but there is only one Fury - Fury, King of the Wild Stallions. And here in the wild west, hard-riding men still battle the open range for a living - men like Jim Newton, owner of the Broken Wheel Ranch and Pete, his top hand. This is the story of America and American values.

Wild as Fury is, there is only one person on Earth who can ride him, Joey!

Also stars Peter Graves, Ann Robinson, and William Fawcett

Hurry, this film will only be available for download thru the month of Febryary, 2007.

Episode One: Joey Finds a Friend

Peter Graves

Ann Robinson

William Fawcett

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