Age 89

Episode #127
cast: Stephanie Bauder, Chris Bickford, Abby Hagyard, Vanessa Lindores, Les Lye, Patrick Mills, James Tung; cameos by Alasdair Gillis, Kevin Kubusheskie, Christine McGlade and Doug Ptolemy
writers: Roger Price, Adam Reid
director: Roger Price (but really Gerben Heslinga)

ps: Michael Jackson Gets Old And Wrinkled

Because the Adoption episode gets banned, Ross takes unemployed Vanessa off the street and back onto the set. Also, Chris fears being dropped from the cast because of his upcoming birthday. Cameos by original cast members: Dougie, Alasdair, Kevin, and Christine.

water: Vanessa (2)
green slime: Vanessa (2), Abby, Chris

production: Immature

quality: "B" This is a copy that I received in trade. Good picture and sound. (Original commercials are included)