Episode Eleven 79

Air date: April 21, 1979
cast: Marc Baillon, Brad Hampson, Rodney Helal, Jim Johnson, Les Lye, Robin Marpack, Sarah West with cameos of Geoffrey Darby and Roger Price in the control room
writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price
director: Geoffrey Darby

Episode eleven of the 1979 season.

These 1979 episodes ran one hour.

These early shows were not produced by Carleton Productions but, rather, CJOH Productions. The opening animation is completely different from the 1981 and the 1982-90 intros. It features the Parliament Buildings instead of "The Children's Television Sausage Factory". These episodes featured disco dancing by local kids. The background for the dances looked similar to the link set and was full of metallic paper and disco lights.

More great prize giveaways.

The kids and all the crew try to do the show wearing straitjackets. hehe

There was a cameo of the director and writer in the control room wearing straitjackets.

Several sketches with the kids in the 'electric chair'. (I didn't think you could do that on telelvision.)

Lots of sketches with Freddie (Opps, I'm mean Fredrick) the wardrobe guy.

Also notice: the kids on the Link Set often wearing an earphone. I suppose it was to receive cues from the director. Check out the photos of Brad and Marc (near the bottom of the page) with the wire running to his ear.

There were no waterings or green slimings in this episode, but, Rodney did say, "I don't know" while on the Link Set and he didn't get slimed.

Performances include The Village People - "Macho Man", Paul Jabara - "Trapped in a Stairway", and Atlanta Rhythm Section - "Imaginary Lover".

salt: Rodney

production: Straitjacket

quality: "B" (No commercials)

Non-cast member guests: