Sexual Equality 81

Episode #20
Air date: March 7, 1981

cast: Rodney Helal, Les Lye, Kevin Kubusheskie, Christine McGlade, Brodie Osome, Lisa Ruddy
writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price and the crew
director: Geoffrey Darby

ps: The Dukes of Hazzard Dress up in Drag

The gang is upset because Moose has an easier job on the show, so they all take her job as host of the show. To make it an equal trade, Christine takes their roles and ends up with a quest to slime Brodie before the show is over.

water: Brodie (2)
green slime: Christine (3), Brodie
pie: Lisa (4), Rodney (3), Christine, Brodie

production: Equal Opportunity

quality: "B" This is a copy that I received in trade.

Non-cast member guests: