Executive Washrooms 79

Episode #9
Air date: April 7, 1979

cast: Ian Fingler, Les Lye, Christine "Moose" McGlade, Mike Patton, Jim Stechyson, Sarah West and Jim Johnson as the DJ
writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price
director: Geoffrey Darby

The "network people" have a party and leave $20 bills behind, but when the cast finishes collecting them, Ross quickly confiscates them claiming they are "play bills." Christine, Sarah, Jim and Mike end up trying to slime and pie each other. Plus, it's Mr. Dime vs. Jim and The Janitor in the battle of the executive washrooms. This episode also featured some Billy Joel music videos. Also included in this episode is a behind-the-scenes scene of the "network show," AKA "Whatever Turns You On", and features a non-aired scene of then-director Geoffrey Darby getting a surprise pie-in-the-face. Ruth Buzzi had also been slimed and pied prior to this scene.

soup: Mike
green slime: Jim S, Iain, Mike & Sarah, Ruth Buzzi
pie: Iain (4), Geoffrey Darby

production: Staff Privvy Executive Washrooms