Fears, Worries, and Anxieties 85

Episode #81
cast: Lisa Ruddy, Alasdair Gillis, Vanessa Lindores, Doug Ptolemy, Christine McGlade, Les Lye, Abby Hagyard
writers: Roger Price, Robert Black
director: Brenda Mason

ps: Super Monster Theatre

Everyone explores his or her (as the case may be) inner self to discover exactly what it is that makes him or her afraid. The Locker Monster attacks Vanessa.

name dropping and product placement:
@19:50 Dougie is wearing an orange Nickelodeon baseball cap

other stuff:
@17:20 (and again @17:35) Alasdair says, "Killer Willis, the school bully, is after me. . ." Months later he is required to re-dub the line, "Crusher Willis, the school bully, is after me. . ." The network did not want the name 'Killer Willis' to be used. By the time the line was re-dubbed, Alasdair's voice has changed.
@17:29 The line is also re-dubbed by mom (Abby)
@17:40 The line is also re-dubbed by dad (Les)
@23:00 The family is watching the television and it says the world is coming to an end. Mom says she wants her family to have on clean underpants. Les tells a story at the SlimeCon 2002 Convention that he starts yelling, "This is not my underpants!" (This line was cut out of the broadcast version.)

green slime: Alasdair (2)
milk: Lisa

production: Nothing to lose sleep over

quality: "A" This is a copy that I received in trade. Fair picture and sound.