Generosity 89

Episode #137
cast: Les Lye, Abby Hagyard, Ted Wilson, Christian Tessier, Patrick Mills, Chris Bickford, Jill Stanley, Stephanie Bauder
writers: Roger Price, Adam Reid
director: Gerben Heslinga

ps: Batman Gives Away His Batmobile

With generosity in the air, Chris lets Patrick do the introduction in an effort to get him slimed, the producer gives Jill all of Ted's close-ups, Liz the make-up lady allows Stephanie to look older via old age make-up which makes her appear to be a senior citizen, and Ross allows Christian to be the microphone operator by suspending him on a rope swing when the boom mic breaks.

water: Christian
green slime: Patrick, Ted, Les (2)
coal: Christian
tomato: Jill

production: Cheapskate

quality: "A"