Identity Crisis 85

Episode #80
cast: Alasdair Gillis, Lisa Ruddy, Christine McGlade, Les Lye, Justin Cammy, Marjorie Silcoff, Abby Hagyard
writers: Roger Price
director: Brenda Mason

ps: Mr. T Thinks He's A Girl

Alasdair searches for his true self through different careers, and Lisa does a report for school on what people want to be. Nobody seems to know who they really are.

name dropping and product placement:
@00:46 Madonna was referenced

other stuff:
Unknown actor in the first sketch setting behind Lisa in the classroom.
@02:30 Valerie is dressed as the Statue of Liberty
@03:40 Alasdair is dressed up as Lance and Majorie is dressed up as Valerie in this sketch
@06:25 Alasdair has on a NASA jumpsuit with his name on the sleeve.

water: Alasdair (2)
green slime: Christine
soda: Alasdair

production: Multiple Personality

quality: "A" (No commercials)