Lost 89

Episode #130
cast: Les Lye, Abby Hagyard, Ted Wilson, Amyas Godfrey, Chris Bickford, Nick Belcourt, Jennifer Brackenbury, Chantal Tremblay
writers: Roger Price, Adam Reid
director: Gerben Heslinga

ps: Superman Loses His Tights

After Chris loses his leather jacket and Nick loses a studio camera he borrowed from Ross, Nick goes on an all out search to find the missing items. With the help of the Genie of the Lost Sock, Nick ends up finding everything that every person on the YCDTOTV payroll has lost during the entire series run.

toothpaste: Ted
black slime: Amyas, Ted
spaghetti sauce: Ted
green slime: Chris

production: Lost Cause

quality: "A"