Movies 85

Episode #88
cast: Eugene Contreras, Lisa Ruddy, Adam Reid, Christine McGlade, Alasdair Gillis, Les Lye, Abby Hagyard
writers: Roger Price, Robert Sax, Robert Black, Josh Morris
director: Brenda Mason

ps: Children of the Corn

The great producer, Frederico Pazarotti, comes to the set to do a movie based on the series. In order to get a part in the movie, each cast member has to make it through a slime-filled audition process, which no one passes. hehe

name dropping and product placement:
there are 7UP cans on the table at Barth's
@1:47 the song 'Jailhouse Rock' is referenced
@5:43 Clint Eastwood is referenced
@6:45 Liz Taylor, Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy, Clint Eastwood are referenced
@15:07 Madonna and Mel Gibson are referenced
@16:40 Sylvester Stallone and Timothy Hutton are referenced

other stuff:
@9:35 Christine's brother has a non-speaking cameo in the classroom sketch (and again @19:38)
Everyone in the cast hopes to get a part in You Can't Do That On Television - The Movie . (Wouldn't it be cool if they really did do a movie?)

water: Christine, Lisa
green slime: Christine, Adam, Eugene, Alasdair, Lisa, Les
make-up: Alasdair

production: Cutting Room Floor

quality: "A" (No commercials)