Relatives 85

Episode #82
cast: Alasdair Gillis, Adam Kalbfleisch, Lisa Ruddy, Christine McGlade, Stephanie Chow, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye
writer: Roger Price, Robert Black, Bill Prady, Terence Taylor, Josh Morris, Robert Sax
director: Brenda Mason

ps: Family Ties Tied Much Too Tight

In this episode , Barth is on vacation and we get to meet Maw Maw Barth (Barth's mother) and Jon Paul (Barth's Frencd half-brother) all played by Les. Ross tries to uncover Alasdair's ancestry, claiming that he could be the only surviving relative of a dead millionaire. All of the kids find out they're related to Napoleon after Ross sells them bogus family trees.

name dropping and product placement:
@04:30 Alasdair is wearing Mickey Mouse ears while he and Christine play Monopoly
@18:10 Alasdair is wearing a red sweatshirt with MTV on it

other stuff:
Adam does the show wearing a cast on his arm
@06:00 Les plays 'Uncle Roger' in a front porch sketch. At SlimeCon 2002 Convention, Les tells of an incident that happened after the sketch. Les takes his sword and turns it around backwards where it is not sharp. Then he runs the blunt edge across his tounge. As you can imagine, this part was cut out of the network broadcast version.
@11:50 Christine's real-life sister and brother are in this classroom sketch.
Les plays the character of Grampa, whose name is Vance
@16:10 Abby plays the character of Aunt Pooky
@18:00 Alasdair reveals his middle name is Murray

water: Adam
green slime: Lisa, Alasdair

production: Listen to Your Mother

quality: "A+" One of my original copies. Excellent picture and sound. (Original commercials are included)