Revenge 85

Episode #84
cast: Marjorie Silcoff, Justin Cammy, Lisa Ruddy, Alasdair Gillis, Christine McGlade, Les Lye, Abby Hagyard
writer: Roger Price, Robert Black, Bill Prady, Terence Taylor, Josh Morris, Robert Sax
director: Brenda Mason

ps: Rambo Shoots the Ayatullah

Ross gets rich selling Instant Revenge to the cast members so that they can get revenge on each other. Alasdair moonlights as the 'Masked Revenger'.

name dropping and product placement:
7UP can on the table at Barth's Burgery

other stuff:
@22:20 unknown actor sitting behind Christine in the classroom sketch

water: Lisa (2)
green slime: Alasdair
pie: Les
syrup: Justin
milk: Alasdair
jello: Alasdair
ketchup: Alasdair
ice cream: Christine

production: Last Laugh

quality: "A+" One of my original copies. Excellent picture and sound. (Original commercials are included)