Rip-Offs 82

Episode #32
cast: Angie Coddett, Alasdair Gillis, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Jamie Martin, Christine McGlade, Lisa Ruddy
writers: Roger Price, Geoffery Darby, Barry McLaughlin, Steven McLaughlin, Brian Nichol
director: Geoffrey Darby

ps: The Price Is Right Raise Their Prices

Being ripped off hits home when everything starts to go wrong with the show's props and sets. Christine's mic stops working, she's almost hit in the head with a piece of the link set, the risers fall from beneath her feet, and the credits start to roll at the beginning of the show are just a few of the things that go wrong. Jamie Martin's voice was audibly "cracking" in this episode which may be the reason this was the only episode he was ever in. (Though he did have a cameo at the end of the Bullying 82 episode.)

water: Christine
feathers: Alasdair

production: End of Warranty

quality: "A" This is a copy that I received in trade. Fairly good picture and sound. (Original commercials are included)