Sports 89

Episode #135
cast: Les Lye, Abby Hagyard, Christian Tessier, Sidharth Sahay, Chris Bickford, Carlos Braithwaite, Jennifer Brackenbury, Chantal Tremblay, Sean Waldorf (uncredited), Mike Bombay (uncredited)
writers: Roger Price, Adam Reid
director: Gerben Heslinga

ps: Roseanne Barr Goes Synchronized Swimming

Due to being in charge of sports props, Ross gets Chris blown up by having him light a gas grill with the "eternal flame", gives Carlos athlete's foot via special effects, and scams the kids out of their money with a "test your strength machine" from the carnival.

water: Carlos (2)
green slime: Jennifer
sillystring: Les

production: Bad Loser

quality: "A" (No commercials)

The smaller kid with the long hair
(next to Christian) is Sean Waldorf.
The kid to the far left is Mike Bombay.

The gentleman that Les is turned
around talking to is Roger Price.