Whatever Turns You On 79

Episode #6
Air date: October 16, 1979

cast: Ruth Buzzi, Rodney Helal, Les Lye, Lisa Ruddy, Jono Gebert, Christine McGlade, Kevin Somers
writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price
director: Geoffrey Darby

Ruth Buzzi did a fantastic job playing the parts of all the adult female characters which included: Mom, the make-up lady, a medium with a crystal ball, an old lady at the movie theater, and Mr. Nickelson Dime's secretary, Ms. Take. (Later on, Abby Hagyard would take over all these parts in YCDTOTV.)

Ruth Buzzi also played a waitress named Lois, who would later be replace on YCDTOTV by a character named Barth, one of the most the memorable characters created by Les Lye.

This episode featured Lisa and Jono getting slimed repeatedly. But Rodney and Les would soon get their dues. . .

Superstitions of all kinds were investigated in this episode.

Also featured a live performance by Ian Thomas.

green slime: Jono (3), Les, Rodney, Lisa (4)
rain: Ruth