Television 82

Episode #35
cast: Roddy Contreras, Abby Hagyard, Kevin Kubusheskie, Les Lye, Dougie Ptolemy, Lisa Ruddy, Christine McGlade, Vanessa Lindores
writers: Roger Price and Geoffrey Darby
director: Geoffrey Darby

ps: You Can't Do That On Television

Christine shows the viewers what really goes on behind the scenes of a real television program and defines the technical terms that are heard in television "soak the star." This episode introduces Vanessa Lindores as Vanessa. Roddy Contreras is credited in the cast but does not appear in this version.

water: Christine (2)
green slime: Christine (2), Vanessa
red slime: Christine
blue slime: Christine
yellow slime: Christine
striped slime: Christine
canon: Christine

production: No production for this episode (but You Can't Do That On Television can now be seen in prime-slime!)

quality: "A" This is a copy that I received in trade. Good picture and good sound. (Includes original commercials)

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More pix from Television 82