Episode Three 79

Air date: February 17, 1979
cast: Jonothan Gebert, Brad Hampson, Rodney Helal, Ramona Helal, Les Lye, Deidre McIsaac, Mike Patton, Kevin Somers, Sarah West, and Jim Johnson as the DJ, with a cameo by Carol Hay
writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price
director: Geoffrey Darby

Episode Three of the 1979 season.

These 1979 episodes ran one hour and were live with lots of lines flubbed by the kids.

These early shows were not produced by Carleton Productions but, rather, CJOH Productions. The opening animation is completely different from the 1981 and the 1982-90 intros. It features the Parliament Buildings instead of "The Children's Television Sausage Factory". These episodes featured disco dancing by local kids. The background for the dances looked similar to the link set and was full of metallic paper and disco lights.

These early episodes also sported great prize giveaways like a portable television set, a Panasonic radio, and vinyl albums.

This episode features the "Weather" sketch with Les and Jono. Geoffrey Darby reports that the "Weather" scene was the actual very first sketch that was ever taped.

This episode also features the infamous Jono-dressed-in-white sketch.

The lockers for the locker joke sketches were not yet painted in the familiar YCDTOTV colors, but were still the original dark green color.

Performances include Tina Charles - "Hold Me", Kiss - "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em", and Kenny Loggins - "Easy Driver".

There were no green slimes in this episode.

water: Jono (3), Les (3)
hot chocolate: Jono
pie: Kevin

production: A Nickel and Dime Production

quality: "B" (No commercials)

Non-cast member guests: