Time 89

Episode #123
cast: Jennifer Brackenbury, Chris Bickford, Christian Tessier, Les Lye, Abby Hagyard, Sariya Sharp, Jordan Aaron
writers: Roger Price, Adam Reid
director: Alex Sutton, Gerben Heslinga

ps: The Days Of Our Lives

In order to make more cash, the show's producers decide to make the show in black & white (even the slime was black & white). When they find out that B&W TV Shows don't make much money they decide to switch back, only to end up in a silent movie! Jordan was one of only two cast members that never appeared on the link set (the other being Simone Lumsden). This is the only episode that Jordan appeared in.

water: Chris, Les
white slime: Chris
black slime: Christian
pie: Chris (3), Sariya (3), Christian (2), Jennifer (2)

production: Pass The Time

quality: "A" This is a copy that I received in trade. Fair picture and sound.