UFO Kidnapped 83 (Pilot)

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cast: Alasdair Gillis, Kevin Kubusheskie, Les Lye, Klea Scott, Vanessa Lindores and Doug Ptolemy as the Loolis, Greg Saygon and Tony Lefebvre as the Shandrillas, Rodney Helal, Amber (the dog)
writer: Roger Price
directors: Roger Price and Geoffrey Darby

Proposed pilot for a Saturday morning TV show on Nick. Unfortunately, it was never picked up. A really cool show with a great story and a great cast!

Created by Roger Price and Geoffrer Darby, this would have been an excellent series. It was filmed almost entirely in an Ultimatte studio at CJOH-TV, one of the very first Ultimatte studios. They were given three months to produce the pilot. However, being the Ultimatte studio was "new technology", the director and crew took almost six months to produce the pilot. They did an exceptional job on the project!

Nickelodeon lost interest in the idea, fearing that the episodes would not be produced in a timely manner.

Fantastic sound track created with the legendary Moog Synthesizer. Excellent costumes and "monsters" created by Liz Ciesluk!

  • Doug Ptolemy's name is misspelled in the closing credits
  • When Alasdair and Kevin were in their bedroom (actually, it was really not their room, they were on the UFO), Alasdair was wearing his pajamas and he had on socks. In the very next scene he was bare foot.
  • On board the UFO, the aliens were explaining to Alasdair and Kevin about how the spaceship was powered. You see them from behind; the alien puts his hand on Alasdair's right shoulder and Alasdair pushes his hand off. The scene switches to a view from the front, and the alien's hand is still on Alasdair's shoulder.
To read more of the plot, click "Select All" on your browser. (Note: Do not read if you haven't seen the show. It will spoil the plot.)

Aliens abduct people and sell them as pets on another planet; until they kidnap Kevin and his little brother, Alasdair, who is able to affect control of the ship. They escape their kidnappers only to find themselves unable to locate Earth.

quality: "B" This is a copy that I received in trade. Fairly good picture and sound. Runtime: 51 minutes