Whatever Turns You On 79
"Commercial Programming"

Episode #14
Air date: Unknown

cast: Ruth Buzzi, Les Lye, Jono Gebert, Christine McGlade, Kevin Somers, Kevin Schenk
writers: Geoffrey Darby and Roger Price
director: Geoffrey Darby

Great commercials! With exciting jingles and advertisements and messages!

Features a sketch with Ruth Buzzi chained up in the dungeon.

Kevin Schenk gets pushed and shoved around just because he is the littlest cast member. (He really was quite a bit smaller than the others.) But Kevin gets the last laugh when his uncle, the director, casts him in a paid tv commercial. Unfortunately, it was for The Whole Earth breakfast cereal which was made out of dirt.

Kevin Schenk is one of my favorite cast members on the show. I was fortunate enough to get to meet him at the SlimeCon2002 Convention in Ottawa. We were there a few days early to help set up everything at CJOH. Kevin could not make it to the convention. So he came the night before and with the help of Brenda Mason (who directed over fifty episodes of YCDTOTV) recorded a message in Studio B at CJOH. We played his recorded message at the convention. He was a super cool guy back then and still is today!

Truly classic television at its best!

Roger Price and Geoffrey Darby are indeed comic television pioneers!

Also featured a musical guest who performed, "It's Over". (She was not announced and I don't know what her name is.) Arrggg!!! I just got green slimed!

pie: Kevin Somers (2)
pie: Christine (2)
pie: Kevin Schenk (1) miss and (1) pie

quality: "A" This is a copy that I received in trade. Good picture and sound.