Whatever Turns You On 79
"Kevin Somers, Rock Star"

Episode #13
Air date: Unknown

cast: Ruth Buzzi, Rodney Helal, Les Lye, Jono Gebert, Christine McGlade, Kevin Somers, Lisa Ruddy, and an appearance by CFL star Tony Gabriel
writers: Geoffrey Darby and Roger Price
director: Geoffrey Darby

Kevin Somers tries through out the show to perform a rock song, but everyone keeps interrupting him. When he finally gets to perform, the end credits roll and no one hears him.

In one of the more interesting classroom sketches, Ms. Fit (played by Ruth Buzzi) is all tied up and gagged. The principal comes in asks who drew the naughty picture on the black board. And there really is a naughty picture on the black board.

In several of the Doctor's Office sketches, Ruth Buzzi plays the nurse. Her name is Ms. Informed.

On the Link Set, Kevin is standing with his guitar and Jono walks up to talk to him. Kevin accidentally hits Jono in the chin with the guitar.

And as a running joke, everyone keeps telling Kevin that his name, Somers, is spelled with one 'm'.

Lisa asks Moose how to get Rodney to like her. After a bunch of failed attempts, Rodney ends up kissing Lisa on the Link Set.   :)

In one of the clips, Moose was chained up in the dungeon. It was rare for a girl to be chained up in the dungeon. The producers thought that it could be perceived as inappropriate.

In another clip, Kevin runs out of the building and gets into a cab. The building in the sketch is the front of the CJOH Television Station.

Tony Gabriel makes a guest appearance on the show.

paint: Jono
pie: Jono

quality: "A" This is a copy that I received in trade. Good picture and sound.