Whatever Turns You On 79
"Union Fees"

Episode #2
Air date: September 18, 1979

cast: Ruth Buzzi, Les Lye, Marc Baillon, Jono Gebert, Christine McGlade, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers, Rodney Helal
writers: Geoffrey Darby and Roger Price
director: Geoffrey Darby

This is one of the best episodes of WTYO! It's funny and well played!

Marc keeps asking Moose for a date, with some interesting results.

Ross tries to get the kids to join the MAFIA union (Members of the Associated Federation of Independent Artists). hehe

Ross, however, is a member of the DEVIL union (Division of the Electronic Visual Industries League). hehe

Jono and Christine make out in this episode!

Truly classic television at its best!

Roger Price and Geoffrey Darby are indeed comic television pioneers!

Also featured a live performance by The Cooper Brothers.

tomato: Kevin Schenk

quality: "A" This is a copy that I received in trade. Good picture and sound.