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Whatever Turns You On
InterActive CD-ROM

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • This InterActive CD-ROM will not play in a set-top DVD-player.
  • It will only play on your computer in a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
  • This InterActive CD-ROM will play on a Mac.
  • Use your RealOne Player, Windows Media Player, or VideoLAN Player (Mac users).
  • It will not play full-screen.
    This is the size of viewing area you will see:

    300x240 pixels
  • To keep the cost down: does not include jewel case or label.
  • Email me to get your copy at: barth@barthsburgery.com

  • The cost in the USA (including shipping): $5
    Outside the USA (includes shipping): $8

Disc Contains:
(1)   Pilot
(2)   Union Fees
(3)   Fan Letters [Only first half of show]
(4)   Drama Lessons [Only first half of show]
(5)   Boss Helal
(6)   Superstitions
(7)   Repeats
(8)   Christmas
(9)   Winning The Lottery
(13) Kevin Somers, Rock Star

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